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After six years of tough training with his master Marin, Seiya has finally received the Holy Cloth of Pegasus at the Sanctuary in Greece. As a result, he becomes one of the many qualified participants around the world who can enter the "Match of the Galaxy" competition. Simultaneously, an unforeseen threat of evil has been approaching on earth! Kido Saori, the modern reincarnation of Goddess Athena, once more summons her bronze saints to fight the evil and she vows to preserve the ultimate peace on earth for her loved ones, that is, the entire human race.

A saint's physical and metal strength is predetermined by his own cosmos, also called "the seventh sense". Whether the cosmos can be fully awaken or not greatly influences each saint's performances during a battle. If one can truly exploit his inner cosmos to the limit, and thus, triggers the big "explosion" event, that person would become the strongest, then the impossibility might even be conquered.


Masami Kurumada was born in Tokyo (June 12, 1953). he began his comics debut with 'Sukeban Arashi' in Shonen Jump in 1975. This was soon followed by the manga series 'Ring ni Kakero'. In the early 1980s, he drew 'Otoko Zaka' and 'Fuma no Kojiro'. He began his biggest series, 'Saint Seiya' in 1986. This series was continued until 1991. At Kadokawa Shoten, he began 'B't X' in 1995. His most recent work is 'Ring ni Kakero II' which started in 1999.

Kurumada Spirits -- information about his amazing artworks


I've loved 'Saint Seiya' for as long as I could remember. On a glorious day in 1990, as I was doing my usual "cartoon-sticker-collecting" business after school, in a flea market sort of place, an issue of 'Saint Seiya' suddenly caught my eyes. Due to my hobby of collecting new, cool things and out of curiosity, I decided to buy just one issue(out of the 5 issues bundle) with my very limited pocket money I was carrying. So little did I know, I was buying the love of my life. Yes, after I got home, threw my bookbag to the side, opened up the manga that I bought, read the manga that I bought, my 10-year-old heart fell in love with 'Saint Seiya' instantly. I remember it was about the battle between Seiya and Aiolia during the "Twelve Golden Temples" saga. The drawings, the story, most of all, the ancient myth and the atmosphere it created had far surpassed anything else I'd seen. Needless to say, I visited the same bookstore again on the following day, and rushed home afterwards.


In early 2005, as soon as 'Ikki in the Ozone' has taken its place on the internet , the preparation of this fansite had begun, for myself, and possibly, for all the 'Saint Seiya' fans out there.

Have Fun! ...JaA!

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